What’s it all about?

Raidlogs.co.uk is a collection of project templates collated and shared by professionals during their careers and provided here free for you to download and use.

All the templates have been provided by professional consultants.  They have either been created for or borrowed from numerous projects over the years.  Each template has its benefit, albeit some more than others.  And whilst I might not like them all, I do like having a good selection to choose from.

The key of course is knowing which document to use in which circumstance!

The free templates include RAID logs, ms project plans, action lists, definition documents and more.  They cover both traditional waterfall and agile project management methodologies, such as Prince II, DSDM Atern and SCRUM.

There’s also some other project related stuff that you might find useful, like the techniques.

Why was it set up?

Two reasons:

Firstly I needed a place to store the various project templates I and some of my consultant colleagues needed for work.  We can be based at many different sites and each end client has their own specific needs when it comes to project methodology, governance and configuration management.  Having a stack of different document templates to hand is really useful.

Secondly, a few eCommerce pals had a little competition going to set up a website with minimal time and no money, and then see who could get the most traffic.  You won’t believe some of the sites we had. Anyway, this was my attempt.  And the reason I didn’t just use google docs (which would have been much easier!).

Why didn’t we just use an existing template site?

There are plenty of other sites, but they never had all the stuff I or my colleagues need.  A lot base their templates around a particular methodology, and I don’t want to have to remember to go to one site for certain style templates and another for something else.  And of course a lot of the templates, although they may be familiar to you, we’ve created or improved on ourselves.

So what happened then?

Well, through the powers of organic and long-tail SEO, the site started to pick up a bit more traffic than I originally thought it would.  We’re not talking the next facebook, but enough to justify me spending a few days tarting it up whilst on the bench.

And what next?

I’ll just keep adding stuff.

Is it anything to do with World of Warcraft?


And finally…

Whether you’re an experienced Change Management professional or a new starter looking for a little help, I hope you find what you’re looking for.

If you don’t, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do. And if you want to submit a template to share via the site, that’d be great also.