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Consultant or Contractor?

When someone asks me what I do, I usually refer to myself a Business Consultant.  And because I work on a freelance / contract basis, I call myself a Contractor too.  I’ve come across people who are quite hung up on which they prefer to be called, but I think it’s what you do that matters not what it says on your email signature.

However, this article on TechRepublicHow IT consultants are different from contractors” provoked some thought. Particularly around IR35 considerations…


  • specific skill sets
  • task orientated


  • versatile
  • analytical
  • strategic

You can read the article for the full definitions, but the following quote is what struck me…

a contractor essentially acts as a temporary employee… whereas a consultant is brought in when the company has a need and either isn’t able, doesn’t wish to, or doesn’t know how to take care of it — and doesn’t have time or desire to figure it out.

Now, using that definition, could you say a Contractor has a higher risk of being struck with IR35 problems than a Consultant…

… or is it just semantics?


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